Reptile UVB Meter


Reptile UVB Meter is ideal for testing your UVB bulbs to ensure they are giving off the correct amount of UVB for your reptiles. This device will also allow you to ensure that the distance from your UVB light to your reptile is correct and you can then adjust accordingly.

Test your UVB light to ensure it hasn’t expired and is still giving off sufficient amounts of UVB for your reptile.

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Using suggestions:

1. Before measuring the UV lamp, be sure to take necessary protective measures, preferably wearing anti-UV glasses.

2. Please warm up the UV lamp for at least 5 minutes.

3. In order to improve the accuracy of the measurement data, the method of averaging multiple measurements can be used to reduce the error.

4. Please keep the photosensitive device clean, if you need to clean, please wipe with alcohol and cotton yarn.

5. Do not use sharp objects to clean the photosensitive device to prevent damage to the front filter.


Probe material: UV glass
Size(approx): 160*75*30mm/6*2.95*1.18inch(H*L*W)
Response for Spectrum: 280-320nm
for Peak for : λp=300nm
Measuring interval: 0-1999μW/cm2
Resolution: 1μW/cm2
Response time: T≤0.5s
Measurement accuracy: ±10%
Power supply: DC3V
Operating power consumption: ≤0.25W
Screen size: 2 inche
Battery: Two 1.5VDC battery (not included)

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