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Black Soldier Fly Larvae available at The Silkworm Shop South Africa. Black Soldier Fly Larvae are highly nutritious and carry a lot of calcium.





Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Larvae available from The Silkworm Shop South Africa. BSF Larvae are highly nutritious and carry a lot of calcium which is very important for reptiles. We provide black soldier fly larvae in various sizes – please feel free to let us know the purpose of the larvae so that we can provide you with the appropriate sizes for different scenarios: Breeding larvae, large feeders, medium feeder and small feeder insects.

Our starter Kit:

This new and exciting concept provides you with the opportunity to experience the vast range of the black soldier fly benefits. We will provide you with thousands of freshly hatched neonates (Baby black soldier fly larvae). Which are sent off in special nutrient mix designed to boost growth. This starter kit will go through roughly 50KG of food waste in its short life cycle.

The larvae grow very quickly. Increasing from a microscopic size to an average size of 2-3cm within only 20 days! All you need to do is spread the nutrient mix with the neonates inside over a fresh batch of food waste. Then top up as required. Their frass (defecate) can be used as high nutrient dense fertilizer once harvested for plants.

This package is the most economical feature we have available. Where under ideal conditions these larvae can grow to weight up to 5KG, finding that the average will be around 3-5KG.

Feeding Guide for black soldier fly larvae:

We recommend feeding black soldier fly larvae to all your reptiles including babies. As they have a very high nutrient base containing a substantial amount of calcium naturally. All reptiles need calcium and will require this to avoid MBD. As well as a high source of protein (Stimulates growth in all animals but especially babies). The same goes for birds, they require a high protein source for development and feathers, BSF larvae are also fantastic for egg laying birds with the added calcium benefits.

Additional readings and links:

For more information on the nutrient benefits of BSF larvae, please take a look here.

For more information on BSF Larvae as a food waste management system, please click here.

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4 reviews for Black Soldier Fly Larvae

  1. Lanzar Williams (verified owner)

    Perfect feeder insect for a leopard gecko who refuses to eat… mine devours them


    Amazing quality, all wriggling around healthy and fresh! Chickens love the black soldier fly larvae

  3. Julian Wilder (verified owner)

    These are the absolute best and very nutritious. I highly recommend these to anyone and everyone. Great quality. Either dry or live. My animals really love them. These are great feeders. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. Great service, excellent quality feeders and products, amazing value and speedy delivery.
    Kevin and The Silkworm Shop is highly recommended.

    WOARA (WILD ONEZ Animal Rescue Assistance NPC) is proudly permanently sponsored by The Silkworm Shop.

    Proudly sponsored.
    Thanks again for everything The Silkworm Shop.

  4. Innocentia Kekane (verified owner)

    Bought a starter kit for bsf…
    Very satisfied customer

    • Kevin Hanenberg

      Thank you so much Innocentia, very glad you are happy.

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