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We triple check and sometimes even quadruple check all the orders that leave our warehouse to make sure that you will receive the best quality products from The Silkworm Shop. If for some reason your order arrives and it did not arrive as expected, please contact us immediately via email or phone to let us know of the issue and we will resolve it by either sending you a complete refund or by sending you a new shipment to replace the old one.

Please make sure to contact us within 48 hours of receiving your order and provide us with your order number.

Hills 100% Money back guarantee

Make it easy for pet parents to try Hill’s for the first time.

We’re so confident that pets will enjoy Hill’s that we offer a 100% guarantee for quality, consistency and taste, or your money back. These words are stated on all our bags and although we receive a very small number of 100% Money Back Guarantee claims, we take them very seriously.

We will accept claims for the following reasons:

  • if the pet refuses to eat our food.
  • if there is visibly something wrong with the food or packaging that was not caused by incorrect storage after opening.
  • in the unlikely event that a pet parent believes that the food has caused harm to their pet.

Unfortunately we cannot accept claims where:

    • almost all the food has been used.
    • the wrong food was purchased and the bag opened.
    • the food has expired.
    • the bag or food has been damaged after purchase.
    • the pet has passed away and there is no longer use for their food.
    • there is obvious abuse of the guarantee on the part of the client.

Pet parents must bring the Hill’s pack back together with the unused portion of food.

On valid claims, you can either:

• Replace the bag with the same product or a suitable Hill’s alternative

• Refund the pet parent the value of the product purchased based on the price on the receipt up to the Recommended Retail Selling Price, including VAT.

For more information on Money Back Guarantees, visit: www.hillstransforminglives.

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