NOMOY UVB light bulb

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NOMOYPET UVB Light reptile bulb provides professional technology for caring the health of all reptile and amphibian.

LONG SERVICE LIFE – Intelligent chip ensures incoming steady current to better protect circuit board, 365 days to use(each day for 6 – 8 hours).
EXCELLENT UVB OUTPUT – Quartz glass material is conducive to UVB wavelength penetration, provides necessary UVB rays for optimal calcium metabolism, helps prevent metabolic bone disease.
BRIGHT & SAVE ELECTRICITY – Perfect condenser with brilliant brightness, save a lot of power.


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The NOMOY UVB Light bulb provides professional technology for caring for the health of all reptile and amphibian species. With a long service life ensured by its intelligent chip, you can rely on its consistent performance for up to 365 days, with 6-8 hours of daily operation.

Moreover, the bulb offers excellent UVB output due to its quartz glass material, which facilitates the penetration of UVB wavelengths. This, in turn, provides the necessary UVB rays for optimal calcium metabolism, helping to prevent the occurrence of metabolic bone disease in reptiles.

Additionally, the NOMOY UVB Light bulb boasts a bright and energy-efficient design, thanks to its perfect condenser that produces brilliant brightness while saving a significant amount of power.

Importantly, reptiles require UVB exposure to meet their Vitamin D3 needs as they cannot effectively utilize D3 contained in their food. Without adequate UVB exposure, reptiles may develop a condition known as Metabolic Bone Disease. Afflicted animals experience growth deformities and encounter difficulties in locomotion and feeding since they pull calcium from their bones and replace it with fibrous tissue.

In summary, the NOMOYPET UVB Light reptile bulb is an indispensable tool for reptile owners. By providing the necessary UVB rays for optimal health, this bulb ensures reptiles can efficiently absorb calcium, maintain strong bones, and avoid the development of Metabolic Bone Disease. Make a responsible choice and incorporate the NOMOYPET UVB Light bulb into your reptile’s habitat today to promote their overall well-being and longevity.

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