Corn Cob

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Corn Cob is a substrate that is very commonly used for various reptiles and lizards. Choose either the 2L or 5L corn cob that we have available.

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We offer medium sized corn cob in either 2L or 5L packets. Corn cob is often used for various reptiles that originate from arid environments as a substrate. It is very absorbent and often helps with the smell in their enclosures.

Corn Cob is a fantastic bedding that is often used for desert dwelling reptiles such as bearded dragons. Many reptile keepers have found that corn cob is fairly safe to use as opposed to sand. Sand may cause impaction if ingested while trying to eat their food.

When considering what to use for reptiles enclosures, consider how they would naturally live in the wild. For example, bearded dragons would climb various shrubs, trees and rocks while eating a huge array of plant matter and insects. This is why we recommend taking a further look into our store to find additional logs, drift wood, hides, grape vines and bowls. That will give your pets a more natural feel.

By providing your pet with various spaces to hide, get more heat and relax you will. have a less likely chance of having a stressed pet.

Corn Cob is often regarded to be a great bedding as it allows for a natural look and feel. As well as being an absorbent bedding.

Follow this link to find additional bedding’s that can be used here.

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Corn Cob

Corn Cob 2L, Corn Cob 5L

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