Calcifly reptile calcium

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Calcium with D3 made from black soldier fly larvae. Mostly used for geckos, bearded dragons and other reptiles.


Calcium and D3 Supplement With Insect Protein.

Replaces Plain Calcium Powder.

Provides Essential Calcium and Minerals For Leopard Geckos and Other Gecko Species.

Insect Protein Provides Extra Calories For Your Geckos Growth And Keeps Your Gecko at a Healthy Weight.

Insect Protein Adds Extra Vitamins And Minerals and Keeps Geckos In Good Condition And Assists With Keeping Geckos Healthy.

Calcium and Vitamin D3 Are Required For Healthy Bones And Many Other Essential Aspects Of A Geckos Health.

Geckos Eat This Supplement From A Shallow Bowl In The Cage.

You Can Dust Your Crickets With Calcifly To Add Extra Calcium, Vitamins and Calories To Your Crickets. 

Can Also Be Used For Other Lizards Such As Bearded Dragons and Chameleons. 

Can Be Used To Add Extra Protein And Calcium To Crested Gecko Food Like Pangea.

No Extra Preparation Needed, Use Straight Out Of The Bottle. 

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  1. Bearded Buddys

    I bought this a year ago at the SOS² Reptile Expo. I can’t express how much my beardies loved it! It lasts long and because of the added black soldier fly larvae, it Help my beardies to eat their salads. Highly recommended!!!

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