Frozen Rats (10)


Get your frozen rats in packs of 10. We have the following sizes available: Pinkies, pups, weaners and small.

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Frozen Rats:

Frozen rats from the Silkworm Shop provide high-quality nutrition for your reptile or other exotic animal. We take the time to properly care for our feeder rats, feeding them a scientifically designed diet to ensure their nutritional quality and size. Feeding thawed frozen feeder rats is safer for your animals as well because it avoids the risk of your animal being injured by a live feeder.

Why us:

Ordering frozen feeder rats from the Silkworm Shop is the smart choice for providing frozen rodents of consistent quality and uniform size for your animals.

Rodents have become a very popular option for most pet keepers that have rodent eating animals such as snakes. Rats are often the go to animal when it comes to feeders. However, there are alternatives such as: Rabbits, chickens, birds and guinea pigs etc.

The Silkworm Shop has frozen rodents available in the following sizes: Pinkies, pups, weaners, small, medium, large and extra-large. We only offer these variants in packs of ten however, several packs can be ordered.

We are based in Johannesburg and can use same day delivery all around Johannesburg and overnight courier for other provinces.

Our feeder rats are quickly and humanely euthanized using a natural vegetable gas to ensure that there are no toxins that can be transferred to your pet.


Snakes and lizards rely on rats as a food source in their natural environment. It makes good sense, then, to provide your reptiles with a similar diet, with one big advantage. By feeding the Silkworm Shop’s rats you are giving your animals top quality rats, which means top quality nutrition. For snakes and lizards who are not going back to the wild, feeding frozen rats also means there is no risk of them being injured by their prey.


For more information on what to feed rodents to, please click here.

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10 Pinkie, 10 Rat Fuzzies, 10 Pups, 10 Weaners, 10 Small, 10 Medium, 10 Large, 10 Extra Large

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