Kalkwasser PH Control 500ml – Pure Reef

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Pure Reef Kalwasser is a well-established method of replacing all evaporated water with a calcium and alkalinity solution.



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As water evaporates from a marine tank, the salinity of the water increases proportionally. Instead of compensating this with reverse osmosis or distilled water, a kalkwasser water mix is preferred, whereby a low dose of calcium and buffer components are added in conjunction with water.



Add 2-3g Kalkwasser powder to 5L RO water. Shake gently and allow to stand for a few hours, ideally overnight, until clear. A slurry will form on the bottom, do not add this to the tank, only the clear water.


Add directly to the tanks sump or top up water chamber. (no more than 1 litre per 250 litres aquarium water at a time)


Caution: Never add powder directly to a tank, this can result in a rapid increase in pH and may harm sensitive marine animals and fish.


Marine & Freshwater Aquarium Use Only!

Keep Out of Reach of Children


Made in South Africa

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