Marine Calcium Skeletal Support – Pure Reef

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Marine Calcium Skeletal Support



Pure Reef Calcium promotes skeletal support.


Calcium is one of the major ions in seawater. Its concentration in natural seawater is about 420 ppm. Calcium is very important in a reef aquarium as many organisms, including corals and coralline algae utilise it in order to deposit calcium carbonate skeletons.


Low Calcium levels in your aquarium may cause:

  • Weak and brittle skeletons in SPS and LPS corals
  • Organisms to become stressed and die off


It is recommended to maintain levels between 380-450 ppm in a reef aquarium.



Dosage will need to be increased or decreased according to aquarium demand. Regular water testing is required in order to determine dosage requirement.


Daily dosage:

Add 1ml to every 100L of aquarium water daily. (Can be dosed daily or weekly)


Marine Aquarium Use Only!

Keep Out of Reach of Children


Made in South Africa


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