Aquarium Cooling Fan

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The Nomoy Cooling Aquarium Fan is an essential tool for maintaining optimal water temperatures in your aquarium, especially during hot weather.

Designed for efficiency and quiet operation, this fan effectively reduces water temperature, helping to prevent overheating and stress in your aquatic life.

It features an adjustable bracket for easy installation on tanks of various sizes and a powerful yet energy-efficient motor for reliable performance. The sleek, compact design ensures it won’t detract from your aquarium’s appearance.

Ideal for both freshwater and marine environments, the Nomoy Cooling Aquarium Fan promotes a stable, healthy habitat for your fish and plants.

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DC12 0.2A (10cm x 13cm x 7cm), DC12 0.4A (20CM X 13CM 7CM), DC12 0.6A (29cm x 13cm x 7cm), DC12 0.8A (39cm x 13cm x 7cm)

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