High Efficiency, Eco Amphibious Pumps

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Experience the revolution in water circulation with our amphibious pumps: high efficiency, low wattage, and exceptional performance. From freshwater to seawater applications, these pumps deliver power, durability, and energy savings. Elevate your aquatic environment with our reliable and efficient solution.

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Introducing our revolutionary line of amphibious pumps, designed to deliver exceptional performance and efficiency in various water applications. These low wattage, high output pumps ensure powerful water movement while minimizing energy consumption.

Equipped with a reliable copper motor, our amphibious pumps guarantee long-lasting operation, providing a durable solution for your water circulation needs. The ceramic shaft core and sleeve further enhance their durability, making them suitable for both dry mounting and submersible installations.

With the Pump Waterless Protection system and advanced 6T sensor, these pumps prioritize safety and prevent damage caused by dry running, ensuring reliable and worry-free operation. Experience their long life, low noise, and high efficiency, which create an optimal aquatic environment.

Our amphibious pumps feature a powerful and energy-saving design, offering a 10-stage power selector that allows you to customize the pump’s performance according to your requirements. Enjoy energy savings of up to 65% without compromising water movement and circulation.

The feeding mode with a 15-minute/60-minute auto resume function adds convenience to your daily routine, ensuring your aquatic system receives proper nutrition. Whether you need a pump for freshwater or seawater applications, our amphibious pumps are the perfect choice.

Experience safe and efficient operation with our amphibious pumps, designed to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. Their versatility allows for both dry mounting and submersible installations, giving you flexibility in creating your ideal aquatic setup.

In summary, our amphibious pumps offer an unmatched combination of efficiency, durability, and performance. With their low wattage, high output, and advanced features, they are the ideal solution for freshwater and seawater applications. Enjoy the convenience of safe and energy-saving operation while maintaining optimal water movement in your aquatic environment. Choose our reliable and efficient amphibious pumps and elevate your water circulation system to new heights.

Please note:
– At the max height, pumps produce 0 l/h flow.
– The flow rate and max height is not an indication of the pump’s max flow at max height.
– Pipe sizes also play an important role in producing head height – thicker pipes require stronger pumps for best results.
– 15W Amphibious pump has only one speed.

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15W 2.8M 1800L/H, 18W 3.0M 2000L/H, 25W 4.0M 3000L/H, 30W 4.5M 4000L/H, 40W 5.0M 5000L/H, 50W 5.5M 6000L/H, 65W 5.5M 8000L/H, 75W 6.0M 10000L/H, 85W 6.5M 12000L/H

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