F10 Skin Prep Solution


A broad spectrum fast acting pre-and post-operative surgical spray for high-level disinfection of the skin.

Contains F10®’s core actives with 20% alcohol for quick drying of the site.
Non-irritating so can be used on sensitive areas such as the scrotum.
Non-staining but the bright blue colour makes it easy to identify.

Available in:

  • 500ml spray bottle – EMPTY
  • 5L “Ready to Use”


Fungicidal tests have been carried out in accordance with SANS 636-2001,AFNOR and EN Standards which require a log3 and logreduction in microbial counts respectively.

Virucidal tests have been carried out in accordance with various internationally accepted protocols by the UPFaculty of Veterinary Science’s Department of Poultry Diseases, the Department of Veterinary Tropical Diseases and the ARC – Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute. The FMDV test was carried in accordance with the DEFRA (UK) Standard (F10CL General Farm Disinfectant only). Test requirements called for logand log 5 reductions in microbial counts.

Sporicidal tests have been carried out in accordance with EN 13704-2002, 13697- 2001 and 1650-1997 Standards which required a log5 reduction in microbial counts.

Concentrations and contact times are indicated on each product label. It should be noted that additional tests were carried out to determine the various speed of kill rates to meet varying application demands.

Bactericidal test standard contact times are generally 5 minutes. However, it was found that a log3 reduction in gram-positive bacteria was achieved in 30 seconds and similarly 60 seconds for gram-negative bacteria all at a concentration of 1:500 of the F10SC Veterinary Disinfectant. In the AOAC test, a log6 reduction was achieved in both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria in a 10 minutes contact time.

For F10SC VETERINARY DISINFECTANTS clear away debris and rinse surfaces, then apply as below :

–  Environmental general disinfection dilute 1:500 (2 ml / l water)
– High-level disinfection (including fungal spores) dilute 1:250 (4 ml / l water)
– Resistant viruses and bacterial spores dilute 1:100 (10 ml / l water)
– Sterilisation of instruments/equipment dilute 1:100 (10 ml / l water)

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Empty Ready To Use Bottle 500ML, 5L Solution

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