Diomec Plus Prebiotic Paste for Dogs And Cats

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Diomec Plus Prebiotic Paste – A fully integrated approach to restoring digestive health in dogs and cats.

Diomec Plus is indicated for the treatment of acute and chronic diarrhoea in dogs & cats. The active ingredients draw toxins out and give the body the boost it needs for recovery. Diosmectite binds bacteria, toxins and water in the gut which aids in solidifying the faeces. Mannan Oligosaccharides (MOS) is a prebiotic and has been shown, in clinical trials, to reduce faecal E.Coli levels. It also improves gut immunity. L-glutamine is a source of nutrition for rapidly dividing electrocytes and aids in recovery.



15ml and 30ml tubes.

Directions for use:

Administer twice daily directly into your pets mouth for 3 days, or as directed by the prescribing veterinarian. Always ensure fresh water is available.

  • Up to 5 kg: 2 ml
  • Between 6 and 15 kg: 3 ml
  • Between 16 and 30 kg: 5 ml
  • 31 kg and up: 7 ml

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15ML, 30ML

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