Adaptil (DAP) Junior Calming Pheromone Collar for Puppies


Adaptil Junior calming puppy collars send “comforting messages” to help your puppy feel confident when exploring the world and adapting to their new life. The collar provides constant reassurance to help your puppy settle into their new home faster, stop crying at night sooner and stay calm and focused during training. Trusted by veterinarians and pet owners worldwide for over 15 years, more than 8 million dogs have benefited from Adaptil dog calming products.

Disclaimer: Although great care has been taken in the compilation of this product information, readers are requested to refer to the package insert / product packaging for complete details before using the specific product.

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Directions for use:

  • Adjust the collar so it fits snugly around your puppy’s neck
  • Keep the collar on your puppy at all times, except when bathing or shampooing
  • Check the fit regularly and adjust as needed
  • Replace the collar every 4 weeks
  • Note: The warmth of your puppy’s body triggers the collar into action. The collar must fit snugly for best results.


  • Do not allow the collar to come in contact with shampoo or chlorinated water (e.g., swimming pools)
  • Do not fix a leash or lead on the collar

Additional tips:

  • The Adaptil Junior collar is body heat activated and will begin releasing “comforting messages” almost immediately
  • If the collar is too loose, it will not be warmed enough by your puppy’s body heat to begin working
  • It is recommended to use a new collar every month for your puppy’s first 6 months

Sizing: Fits puppies with necks up to 37.5 cm (14.7 in) weighing up to 15 kg (35 lb)

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