Mirra-Cote with Biozinc Skin Supplement Dog And Cat


Mirra-Cote® with BioZinc is a nutritional supplement to aid in the management of skin conditions. It contains Essential Fatty Acids, vitamins, biotin, inositol and zinc. This emulsion ensures consistent delivery of essential vitamins and minerals. Yields an Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio of 5:1.

Bottle Size: 200ML


For the treatment of animals with dull coats and poor coat conditions. For supplemental use in pruritis and for dry, scaly skin.

Directions For Use
To be given daily, mixed in food or directly.

  • Cats, small dogs: ¼ – ½ medicine measure (1 – 2 pump strokes)
  • Medium to large dogs: ¾ – 1 medicine measure (3 – 5 pump strokes)

200ml glass bottle with a pump (the handy pump that administers accurate dosages, in turn minimising wastage)

Store in a cool place (below 25 °C)
Mirra-Cote® With BioZinc

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