Nature’s Miracle Cat Litter Box Odour Destroyer Spray


Cats appreciate a fresh-smelling litter box, and so do you. Nature’s Miracle® Litter Box Odor Destroyer works to destroy tough litter box odours and remove airborne, fabric and hard-surface odours. Unlike many products that may simply mask unpleasant pet odours, this formula breaks down and destroys tough litter box odours. Our triple-action formula is effective on airborne, fabric and hard surface odours, so you can spray in the air or on surfaces such as litter boxes, litter box mats or anywhere your pet goes. The unscented formula contains OdorCapture360™ technology that controls faeces, urine and ammonia odours. Use as part of your regular litter box routine to maintain a fresh, clean smelling home. This formula is effective on all litter substrates, including clay, corn cob, walnut, paper and more and does not clump cat litter*. When used as directed, it is safe for use around pets and home.

Apply product to litter box and surrounding areas from a minimum height of 18 inches away from litter surface. Allow spray to slightly dampen the surface of litter, but do not saturate. Do not concentrate use of product on any spot.


Features and Benefits:

*When used and stored as directed.

  • LITTER BOX ODOR DESTROYER: Doesn’t just mask odors! It breaks down and destroys tough litter box odours, including faeces, urine and ammonia.
  • TRIPLE-ACTION FORMULA: Effective on airborne, fabric and hard-surface odours.
  • EFFECTIVE ON ALL LITTER SUBSTRATES: Will not clump cat litter when used as directed.
  • ODORCAPTURE 360™: Odour neutralizing technology controls tough odours from the litter box.
  • SAFE FOR PETS AND HOME: Safe for use around pets and home when used as directed.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE ON LITTER BOX: Liberally spray into the litter box after cat use.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE ON AIRBORNE ODORS: Liberally spray into the air.


  1. Before use. test surface to be treated for color fastness by applying to a hidden area.
  2. Spray lightly and evenly onto fabric surfaces until slightly damp.
  3. Not recommended for use on silk or leather.


  1. Lightly spray on object until slightly damp.
  2. Wipe excess with cloth.

About Nature’s Miracle:

  • Nature’s Miracle products contain different cleaning surfactants between the core range (white), urine (yellow) and advanced (red range). The variation of cleaning surfactants helps us achieve better efficacy for target messes and our products are formulated this way to help provide a distinction between the products.

  • While Nature’s Miracle products do not advertise this on the pack, each of our products core, urine and advance have a unique bio-enzymatic system specifically designed for cats and dogs. In other words, we have a total of 6 different and unique bio-enzymatic spore blends that are designed for different target messes.

  • Nature’s Miracle comes with a 100% guarantee, further giving peace of mind as to the effective performance of the product and a trusted recommendation.

  • Nature’s Miracle formulas do not contain denatured alcohol which means that they are also free of methyl alcohol, known to be toxic, and usually found in popular pet cleaning products in the market. Nature’s Miracle products do not contain any primary alcohols.


Precautionary Statements:

Can cause eye and/or skin irritation. If contact occurs. rinse thoroughly with water for 15 minutes. If irritation continues. seek medical attention. Harmful if swallowed. Do not spray directly on animal. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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