HILL’S SCIENCE PLAN Adult Dry Cat Food Chicken Flavour

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Chicken recipe dry cat food with high-quality protein to maintain lean muscle. Provides vitamin E and omega-3 & -6 fatty acids for healthy skin, and balanced minerals to support healthy vital organs.
Your adult cat needs a pet food that supports healthy digestion, shiny fur, lean muscles and a healthy immune system. HILL’S SCIENCE PLAN Adult dry cat food is made with high-quality, easy-to-digest ingredients and is specially formulated to fuel the energy needs of cats during the prime of their life. A cat food made with high quality ingredients, HILL’S SCIENCE PLAN Adult cat food provides vitamin E plus omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to nourish your cat’s skin. Packed with high-quality protein, this premium cat food also helps your grown cat maintain lean muscles. Additionally, this adult dry cat kibble provides your grown cat with essential taurine and balanced minerals to support heart health, bladder function and kidney function.

There’s more to love with HILL’S Science Plan.

▸ Adult dry cat food with taurine for heart health, plus balanced minerals for kidney & bladder health
▸ High-quality protein to help your adult cat build and maintain lean muscle
▸ Packed with Vitamin E plus Omega-3s & -6s to give your adult cat healthy skin & fur
▸ Mix up your kitty’s meal time by trying our adult formulas available in a variety of flavours
▸Made with high quality ingredients
▸ Veterinarian Recommended

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Chicken and turkey meal, wheat, maize, animal fat, maize gluten meal, brewers’ rice, digest, minerals, dried beet pulp, fish oil.


ADDITIVES PER KG: Nutritional additives: 3b103 (Iron) 91.1mg, 3b202 (Iodine) 4.0mg, 3b405 (Copper) 9.0mg, 3b502 (Manganese) 9.4mg, 3b603 (Zinc) 141mg; with natural antioxidant.


ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Protein 32.3%, Fat content 20.5%, Crude fibre 1.4%, Crude ash 5.3%, Omega-3 fatty acids 0.5%, Omega-6 fatty acids 3.2%, Calcium 0.76%, Phosphorus 0.74%, Sodium 0.30%, Potassium 0.81%, Magnesium 0.08%; per kg: Vitamin A 6,208IU, Vitamin D3 587IU, Vitamin E 600mg, Vitamin C 100mg, Beta-carotene 1.5mg, Taurine 2,000mg.

Feeding Recommendation

Daily Feeding Guide
Body weight (kg) Dry grams
2 35
3 45
4 55
5 70
6 80
7 + 12 per kg

BK27073M – MA – Science Plan Adult Cat Food with Chicken Dry – MIXED FEEDING GUIDE – Can
Daily Feeding Guide
Body Weight kg Cans 82g Dry grams
2 1/2 + 25
3 1/2 + 35
4 1/2 + 45
5 1/2 + 55
6 1 + 55
7 + 1 + 9 per kg

BK27073M – MA – Science Plan Adult Cat Food with Chicken Dry – MIXED FEEDING GUIDE
Daily Feeding Guide
Body Weight kg es 85g Dry grams
2 1 + 20
3 1 + 30
4 1 + 40
5 1 + 50
6 1 + 60
7 + 1 + 10 per kg

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