Sticky Paws On-A-Roll


Scratching is something that comes naturally to a cat, as it allows them to release any pent-up energy, stress and boredom that they might feel during the day. Sticky Paws Furniture Strips provide a quick and easy fix for any owner who is tired of their furniture being shredded!

While harmless to your cats, the Furniture strips will make their paws stick to it when they are trying to scratch your furniture, and quickly they learn not to scratch the furniture.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Effectively and humanely deters inappropriate surface scratching
  • Discourages inappropriate elimination
  • Harmless to cats and furniture when used as directed
  • Transparent, medical-grade adhesive strips apply directly to furnishings
  • Texture formulated to feel unpleasant to cats’ paws
  • Manufactured from inert and non-toxic materials
  • More than 32 feet on an easy-dispense roll
  • Serrated knife edges make trimming to any length a snap

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