Cothivet Wound Care


Cothivet is particularly recommended for the treatment of wounds due to injuries and burns, ulcerous wounds, self-inflicted wounds by licking, scabs and various dermatoses. Safe to use on all animals.

Cothivet contains a mixture of mother tinctures and essential oils of eight plants with cicatrising and antiseptic properties.

Bottle Size: 30ML


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Cothivet is particularly recommended for the treatment of:

  • Wounds due to injuries and burns
  • Irregular, ulcerous wounds
  • Self-inflicted wounds by licking
  • Scabs and various dermatoses


  • Cicatrizing action due to Centella asiatica (Hydrocotyle)
  • Anti-oedematous, anti-inflammatory properties of Horse-Chestnut
  • Vasoconstrictor properties of venous tissues of Horse-Chestnut
  • Supplementation of vitamins A, C, D, E and K from the Lucerne
  • Strong and fast cicatrising, antiseptic power

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