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Mealworms as feeders: They are consumed by virtually every insect eating animal that requires protein in their diet. They are the larval form of the Darkling beetle (Tenebrio Molitor) and are one of the most common feeder insects for all reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians as they are easy to keep and inexpensive to buy.

By nature, mealworms are composters and their frass (Manure) has long been used as a dry fertilizer for crops and gardens with the added benefit of minimal smell.

When ordering your mealworms in bulk, we recommend storing them in a fridge between 5 – 10°C which will keep them in a dormant state for them to last for 30 – 40 days.

Chickens require protein (along with 12 of the 16 elements found in living tissues) in order to molt their feathers, which makes mealworms a suitable and tasty component of their diet. Mealworms are also high in vitamins A and B which are essential for tissue growth, in this case feathers.

If you own a pet that eats insects, chances are that they will love eating mealworms. We have various options available that will meet small and large scales:

Two hundred (200) worms, five hundred (500) worms, two hundred and fifty grams (250g), Five hundred grams (500g) and one kilogram (1KG).

Where one kilogram (1KG) has roughly five thousand worms available.

Silkworm Shop’s mealworms are naturally packed with proteins and vitamins, we take every necessary step to make sure that our clients are receiving superior quality in all our feeders by providing fresh fruit and vegetables, added vitamins and minerals and constant clean enclosures for our insects.

Take a look at our options of mealworms online which can be shipped throughout South Africa directly to your door:

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