Johannesburg Wildlife Vet

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Donate to the Johannesburg Wildlife Vet to help save our wildlife.

By purchasing from The Silkworm Shop, the following patients would benefit:

– mealworms / superworms: bats, garden birds, and small mammals such as genets, squirrels and suricats, as well as primates such as baboons, vervet monkeys and bush babies.
– crickets: garden birds, chameleons and small mammals such as genets, bushbabies, squirrels and suricats. Some of our small frogs, toads and marsh terrapins also enjoy crickets.
– mice – pinkies, fuzzies and hoppers: young mammals such as servals and genets, as well as young raptors and small and medium reptiles.
– mice – adults: owls and other large raptors, snakes, monitor lizards and some of our larger carnivorous mammals such as serval and caracal.

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Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital treats wild animals with the goal that they will be rehabilitated and released. We do not treat domestic animals or pets. None of our patients have owners. All treatment of wildlife is free of charge.

We are a dedicated wildlife ONLY veterinary hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our aim is to improve the quality of treatment, survival rate and success rate of rehabilitation of small to medium sized indigenous South-African wildlife. We are the first of its kind in Gauteng and our vision is that our hospital will grow to such an extent that it will become a world class facility which will serve as a teaching hospital for veterinary students interested in treating wildlife. We will be working closely with wildlife rehabilitation specialist, Nicci Wright, to ensure all our patients get the best possible care during and after their stay in our hospital.

We rely solely on the support of our community and corporate sponsors to fund our hospital.  We would appreciate any financial donations into our bank account:

​​Johannesburg Wildlife NPC
FNB Cheque account
Account: 62658400264
Branch Code: 255355
​Swift code: FIRNZAJJ

NPC Number: 2016/492395/08
PBO Number: 930055522

Please send an email to so that we can thank you.

Visit for more information.

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5L Crickets, 250g Mealworms, 500g Mealworms, 1KG mealworms, 250 Superworms, 500 Superworms, 1000 Superworms, Mice pinkies (10), Mice Fuzzies (10), Mice Hoppers (10), Mice adults (10)

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