Veiled Chameleon Baby

Veiled Chameleon babies will be available from The Silkworm Shop from Mid December – January. Please note these cannot be shipped by The Courier Guy and will need to be personally collected or collected by a pet courier of your choice.

Each Veiled Chameleon Baby will be going for R1250.00 each.

The full set up + baby will be going for R4700.00

The dad carries stunning blue tones throughout his body.

Please contact us for more information and pictures of parents as well as babies. Read below for more information.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Our Veiled Chameleon babies are raised solely by The Silkworm Shop team making sure that the babies as well as the parents are fed with the utmost nutritional meals.

Before opting to get a baby Veiled Chameleon, please take a read through our care sheet here.

Our babies will be ready to go from +- 8 weeks of age. We recommend making use of our fantastic deal for the full set up to make sure you get everything you need for a happy and healthy chameleon which includes the following:

  • 1 Large Enclosure
  • 1 T5 24W 5.0 UVB Light
  • 1 Dome cover
  • 1 Daylight heat lamp
  • 1 Ceramic heat lamp
  • 1 Spray bottle
  • 1 Plant
  • 1 Calcium
  • 1 Large Grape vine
  • 1 Baby Chameleon

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Veiled Chameleon, Veiled Chameleon + Full Set Up

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