T8 Fluorescent UVB Lamp

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Enhance reptile health with essential UVB lighting. Rainforest reptiles, like chameleons and geckos, benefit from a 5% UVB lamp that replicates filtered UV light. Desert species, such as bearded dragons and skinks, thrive with a 10% UVB lamp. Regularly replace tubes every 4-6 months to maintain optimal effectiveness.

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UVB lighting is undeniably indispensable for the well-being of rainforest reptiles. These fascinating creatures rely heavily on a reliable UVB lamp source. This would be to actively synthesize Vitamin D3, efficiently assimilate calcium, and develop resilient bones. Insufficient UVB exposure can result in severe health complications.

To replicate the filtered UV light prevalent in the rainforest canopy, it is recommended to utilize a 5% UVB lamp. These fluorescent strip lights seamlessly integrate into terrarium hood units or canopies, effectively covering the entire habitat of the reptiles. By doing so, they ensure uninterrupted UV exposure, with the exception of moments when the reptiles retreat to their hiding spots. Consistently replacing these lamps every 6 months is crucial to maintain optimum reptile health.

Transitioning to the realm of desert reptiles, which includes bearded dragons, blue-tongued skinks, frilled lizards, Uromastyx, and agamids, the demand for UVB becomes even more pronounced. These resilient reptiles endure the relentless glare of the sun in their natural habitat, devoid of cloud or tree cover. Consequently, a 10% UVB lamp, accompanied by UVA rays, is absolutely imperative. This potent combination actively stimulates appetite, enhances digestion, promotes reproduction, and efficiently converts UVB into vital vitamin D. UVB plays a pivotal role in facilitating efficient calcium absorption, thereby maintaining a robust bone structure.

To ensure the continued efficacy of the UV lighting system, proactive replacement of UV lighting tubes every 4-6 months is of utmost importance. This diligent maintenance practice guarantees that the reptiles consistently receive the necessary UV exposure, promoting their overall health and well-being.

Whether caring for rainforest reptiles or tenacious desert dwellers, providing suitable UVB lighting remains paramount. By carefully selecting the appropriate UVB lamp and adhering to a consistent replacement schedule, reptile enthusiasts actively contribute to the thriving vitality of their scaly companions. The seamless integration of proper UVB lighting enables these reptiles to flourish, exhibiting their natural behaviours and enjoying sustained health. Ultimately, the judicious use of UVB lighting ensures a vibrant and fulfilling life for these extraordinary reptiles.



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5.0 or 10.0

5.0, 10.0, Ballast with Plug & Connectors


14W 375mm, 15W 451mm, 18W 604mm, 30W 908mm, 36W 1213mm

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