Silkworm Chow (Powder)

Silkworm Chow

Our silkworm chow allows for year round silkworm feeding with simple instructions to create the mixture.

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Silkworm Chow (200g Powder) that is enough for 50 worms to go through a full life cycle. Our specially formulated silkworm chow will allow for year round feeding of silkworms and hassle free feeding.

Making the Silkworm Chow:

Hydrate the silkworm chow powder in the ratio of 100g powder: 260g Water. One kilogram of the diet should be adequate for rearing 250 worms throughout their life span.

Warm the water and add it to the dry ingredients. Mix together thoroughly, then heat the mixture up to 90°C for 20 minutes in a pressure cooker or nestled in a bowl of water in an oven. This is to maintain the moisture in the diet.

Allow the mixture to cool down to room temperature before feeding to the silkworms. It can be stored at 4°C for up to seven days, but it is preferable to use it as soon as possible.



Mould/cut the mixture into strips and lay as near to the silkworms as possible. For younger silkworms you can grate the chow into smaller pieces.


Developmental stages:

The total life-cycle of a silkworm ranges up to about 6 weeks. Ideally silkworms will experience 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness per day, a temperature of 24°C – 28°C, as well as a humidity 65% – 90%.

After hatching, silkworms will go through five larval stages called instars. Each instar is defined by the silkworm shedding its skin. Each instar has various optimal rearing conditions and duration as indicated below:


Stage Temperature




Average Duration


EGGS 25 75 – 80 NA
Instar 1 28 85 – 90 3 -4
Instar 2 27 85 5 – 7
Instar 3 26 80 8 – 11
Instar 4 25 70 – 75 11 – 15
Instar 5 24 65 – 70 17 – 23

Extra reading:

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Find out more about the silkworms life cycle here.

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Silkworm Chow

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