Giant Spiny Leaf Insects


Giant Spiny Leaf Insects available now. They make for incredible pet insects that are very easy to care for.

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Giant Spiny Leaf Insects (Extatosoma Tiaratum)

Giant Spiny Leaf Insects now available from The Silkworm Shop. We send our Giant Spiny Leaf Insect out at no confirmed exact size.

They grow up to 20cm in length. Stick insects are parthenogenic, meaning that they do not require males to reproduce but rather lay eggs which would essentially be cloning themselves. The Giant Spiny Leaf Insect are a highly common pet in captivity for both children and adults.

These insects are very docile and make for wonderful pets, especially for children due to the fact they can be easily handled. Please keep in mind, while they are easy to handle they are fairly delicate.


They require a temperature between 15°C and 30°C. Make sure to keep them outside of direct sunlight.

Giant Spiny Leaf Insects


Minimum of 3x the height and length of the stick insect. Well ventilated enclosure as mold can kill your stick insect. The best enclosure to use for a Stick Insect is a mesh covered enclosure with small enough holes. You can place paper towels on the base or a organic substrate of your choice but make sure to clean out weekly with Fresh leaves.


Below 70% humidity required but ensure to spray leaves with water for your stick insect to drink. Do not leave a water bowl in the enclosure, they can drown.


They eat specific leaves which include: Blackberry or raspberry leaves, rose leaves, hazel, oak and a big time favourite eucalyptus leaves. (Please make sure to not pick up leaves that have been sprayed with pesticide). Place the branches with the leaves inside of a small container with water inside to keep the leaves fresh. Giant Spiny Leaf Insects will then eat from there for about a week and then need to be changed out for fresh food.


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