Phosphate Plus – Pure Reef

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Phosphate Plus – Supplement



Pure Reef Phosphate Plus introduces Phosphate to the aquarium when levels are too low.


It is important for at least some Phosphate to be present in a reef aquarium, as it is required for part of the biological process for the growth of corals, algae and invertebrates.


Filtration and Phosphate removers specifically target the removal of Phosphate from the aquarium. This process can occasionally be overdone, stripping phosphates completely.


It is recommended to maintain levels around 0.05 ppm in a reef aquarium.



Regular testing will establish whether to reduce or increase Phosphate levels.



Add 1ml to every 100L of aquarium water to raise Phosphate levels by 0.05 ppm


Marine Aquarium Use Only!

Keep Out of Reach of Children


Made in South Africa




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