Energy-Saving Water Pump

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Introducing our energy-saving and environmentally friendly water pump. This powerful water pump features suction cups for easy attachment to your aquarium. Its waterproof and long-lasting Ceramic Shaft ensures durability and reliable operation. Experience the high lift and large flow capabilities of our water pump, perfect for fountains and ponds in both freshwater and seawater environments.

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Introducing our exceptional water pump, designed to revolutionize your aquatic features with its energy-saving and environmentally friendly capabilities. This high-performing pump is equipped with suction cups for easy attachment to your aquarium, ensuring a secure fit without any hassle.

The waterproof and long-lasting Ceramic Shaft of our pump guarantees its durability. This allows it to withstand constant exposure to water without compromising its performance. You can rely on this pump to operate reliably over time, providing efficient water circulation for your fountains and ponds.

With its high lift and large flow capacity, our pump delivers impressive water movement, creating captivating fountains that dance with elegance and vibrant ponds that thrive with life. Whether you have a freshwater pond or a seawater aquarium, this versatile pump adapts seamlessly to both environments, ensuring optimal performance in any setting.

Not only does our pump excel in functionality, but it also prioritizes energy efficiency. By minimizing power consumption, it helps you save on energy costs while reducing your ecological footprint. Choose our pump to contribute to the preservation of our planet’s resources and promote a greener aquatic ecosystem.

Installation is a breeze with the suction cups included with our water pump. You can easily attach it to your aquarium or desired surface, ensuring a stable and secure connection. Say goodbye to worries about the pump shifting or compromising the integrity of your aquatic setup.

The durability and longevity of our pump make it a reliable investment for your aquatic needs. Its waterproof design and long-lasting Ceramic Shaft guarantee its ability to withstand the rigors of continuous water circulation. Thus, ensuring consistent and dependable operation.

In summary, our energy-saving and environmentally friendly water pump, equipped with suction cups and a waterproof Ceramic Shaft, offers high lift and large flow capabilities. It provides easy installation, durability, and versatility for fountains and ponds in both freshwater and seawater applications. Experience the efficiency and performance of our innovative water pump, elevating your aquatic world to new levels of beauty and functionality.

Please note:
– At the max height, pumps produce 0 l/h flow.
– The flow rate and max height is not an indication of the pump’s max flow at max height.
– Pipe sizes also play an important role in producing head height – thicker pipes require stronger pumps for best results.

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5W 300L/H 0.6m, 12W 600L/H 1m, 15W 880L/H 1.2m, 25W 1200L/H 1.5m, 40W 2000L/H 2m, 60W 3000L/H 3m, 85W 4000L/H 4m, 105W 5000L/H 5m, 135W 6000L/H 5.5m

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