Voonline Glass Cleaner Special Detergent 200ml


Introducing Voonline Glass Cleaner Special Detergent tailored specifically for aquariums. This powerful yet gentle formula ensures streak-free, crystal-clear glass surfaces, effortlessly removing stubborn water stains and algae build up.

With its innovative spray system, achieving 100% residue-free cleaning has never been easier.

Formulated with a non-toxic blend, it guarantees safety for fish and plants, while its scale removing factor ensures fast and efficient descaling. Experience a clean like no other, with no irritation or lingering odours.


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  • Remove stubborn water stains
  • 100% residue-free glass cleaning
  • Convenient spray system
  • Non toxic formula
  • It contains scale removing factor, fast descaling.
  • No stimulation
  • No peculiar smell

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