Dr. Tank 7 Snail Remover


Dr. Tank 7 Snail Remover is an effective solution for eliminating unwanted snails in aquariums. This formula specifically targets snails without harming fish, plants, or beneficial bacteria. Easy to use, it quickly eradicates snail infestations and prevents their return, helping maintain a clean and balanced aquatic environment. Ideal for both freshwater and marine tanks, Dr. Tank 7 Snail Remover ensures better plant health by reducing snail damage and promoting a more visually appealing aquarium. Regular use helps keep snail populations under control, supporting the overall well-being of the aquarium ecosystem and its inhabitants.

Put the tablet into the tank directly, the dosage and duration are listed in the table.

Please take out the ornamental snails before use!!

Safe to aquatic plants, fish and shrimp.

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