Dr. Tank 1 Bio Bacter Tablets 17g


Dr. Tank 1 Bio Bacter Tablets, 17g, are designed to enhance the biological filtration in aquariums. These tablets introduce beneficial bacteria that break down harmful ammonia and nitrites, converting them into less toxic nitrates. This process helps establish and maintain a balanced, healthy aquatic environment. Easy to use and fast-acting, they promote clear water and support the overall well-being of fish and plants. Ideal for new and established tanks, they ensure optimal water quality and stability.

Contains micro- organisms that are in a dormant state, which are vital for an ecosystem. When activated, these micro organisms in a filter decompose the harmful bacteria & help to improve the water quality. They can also help in the digestive systems of the fish, keeping them healthy.
– Treats 2500L aquarium

+- 50 Tablets

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