Pet Dent Oral Gel


A highly palatable flavoured gel, containing a powerful antibacterial agent used for the treatment of oral (gum) diseases.

It is especially useful for pets with bad breath. If dental hygiene is not practised, pets develop plaque and then gum disease. Veterinarians use Pet Dent Oral Gel as part of their dental cleaning routine and apply it after scaling the teeth to ensure that the mouth is bacteria-free and to keep the development of plaque down to a minimum.

Tube Size: 60G


Features and Benefits:

  • Butterscotch flavoured
  • Contains: Zinc and Chlorhexidine
  • Slows down accumulation of dental plaque
  • Controls bad breath
  • Ideal for training puppy/kitten to follow a dental routine
  • Ideal to use after dental scaling and polishing
  • Ideal when brushing is not practical

Directions for Use:

  • Apply with finger or Pet Dent® finger brush.
  • For maximum benefit, apply once a day.

60g Tube

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