Kyron Swimmer’s Ear Solution


Harmless acidifier for aural use: fungal overgrowth is prevented by changing the pH in the dog’s ear. Also dries and disinfects the ear canal, rendering it hostile to growth of micro-organisms. Ideal for dogs that swim a lot.

Swimmer’s Solution is a hydro-alcoholic dilute solution of acetic acid, especially formulated for dog’s ears.

Bottle Size: 30ML

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For Dogs that:

  • are often in water (like Labradors),
  • are bathed frequently,
  • live in humid parts of the country or
  • have “floppy” ears and are predisposed to ear problems.

Yeasts, which thrive in dark, moist conditions are the most frequent causative micro-organism for these ear problems.

Swimmer’s Solution, which lowers the pH and dries and disinfects the ear canal, drastically alters the ear canal environment and renders it hostile to growth of micro-organisms.

Directions For Use
To prevent soiling, apply the drops outdoors or under controlled conditions. Place 5-10 drops in the ear canal, massage, and allow the dog to shake the excess solution out.

30ml dropper bottles

Store at room temperature.

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