Kyron Docusol Ear Cleaner Dog


Surfactant for treatment of bloat and constipation. Alternative uses are also for cleaning ears.

Bottle Size: 500ML

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Otitis, bloat, constipation, colic and impaction. Dioctyl sodium sulphosuccinate lowers surface tension and has detergent properties. It is effective and non-irritating and quickly dissolves or breaks down ear debris, wax, pus and hard fecal masses in intestines. Bloat is relieved by Docusol’s property of reducing surface tension.

Directions for use

  • Bloat: 100ml Docusol directly into rumen
  • Constipation: Mix 1 part Docusol with 5 parts water and give sufficient as anenema.
  • Colic and impaction: Use a solution of 150-250ml Docusol to 5 litres water orally or as an enema.
  • Otitis: Instil Docusol sufficient to fill ear canal. Swab after 5 minutes to remove debris.


Store in a cool place

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