Ricky Pet Products Dog Treats


Good health dressed up as biscuit treats. These delicious and healthy dog biscuits contain Buchu oil and powdered Green Rooibos.

Size: 400g
Buchu oil has been scientifically researched and found to be effective as a natural anti-inflammatory agent.



  • Good health dressed up as a delicious sugar-free biscuit treat for good dogs.
  • A treat enriched with the added health benefits of organic, locally grown Buchu & Green Rooibos
  • Buchu promotes excellent hip, joint and bone health Buchu aids in maintaining a healthy digestive system
  • Promotes longevity and general wellbeing
  • Contains Buchu & Green Rooibos – packed full of essential anti-oxidants

How to use:

Treat your good-dogs twice per day with a couple of biscuits keeping in mind their size and weight.


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