Pet Qwerks Flavorit Barkbone (Mesquite Chicken)

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BarkBone Nylon Flavorit Dog Bones are designed with a classic bone shape of durable nylon and patented flavour cells to allow fillable treat spreads to sink into the bone. Enjoy on its own or with your pup’s favourite spread!

Irresistible mesquite chicken flavour infused to the core of every bone, releasing a long-lasting flavour scent as your dog chews.

Made with premium artisan nylon, these dog bones work best for determined aggressive chewers. Keep your pup’s mind and body occupied with this delicious dog chew toy, helping curb destructive behaviour while reducing stress and anxiety. And the unique shape of the Flavorit bone helps your pet scrape plaque and tartar off their teeth, promoting healthy dental hygiene.

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Available in three sizes:

  • Small: 10.8 cm
  • Medium: 14 cm
  • Large: 17.8 cm

Size Guide:

The Pet Qwerks Wood Flavorit BarkBone Dog Chews are available in three sizes: small, medium, or large.

Size small should be purchased for small dog breeds that weigh up to 7kg. For dogs that weigh between 7 and 18kg, a size medium should be used. For large dog breeds that weigh over 18kg, size large should be purchased. As always, it is important to always supervise your dog any time a new toy or chew is introduced. If your dog happens to break pieces off, remove the chew from being chewed on right away.

PRODUCT NOTE: These BarkBones are hefty in size and are curved so that they are easier for your dog to pick up and hold while chewing. For a satisfying chew experience, your dog should be able to do some damage to the chew. The texture should be scratchable, not glass-hard. As always, please supervise your pet when you introduce new toys or chews. While these are extremely durable, all dogs chew and play differently. If your dog happens to break pieces off, immediately remove the chew from being chewed on.

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Small, Medium, Large

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