JW Pet Puppy Bristl-ee Cactus Ball


JW’s® Bristl-ee Cactus Ball™ Puppy Toy is a teething ball loaded with a variety of rubbery textures that massage and soothe your puppy’s achy teeth and gums during the teething phase. Great for older, smaller dogs too, this toy has a centre hole that can be filled with treats that dispense as your dog chews. With a diameter of just 7cm the Bristl-ee Cactus Ball is perfect for puppies and small dogs.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Designed to soothe achy teeth and gums
  • Made for puppies and small dogs
  • Centre hole can be filled with treats for rewarding play

Product note: This pet toy is for supervised play only. It is important to regularly inspect all toys for your pet and replace them if any part becomes damaged or separated. Intended for pets only. Not for children of any age.

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