Chuckit! Breathe Right Fetch Stick


The Chuckit! Breathe Right Fetch Stick offers a unique design that allows airflow into dogs lungs whilst being carried. It is also incredibly durable and eye catching.

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Extend playtime with your dog with the durable Breathe Right™ Fetch Stick. Let’s face it, dogs are total mouth breathers. Like the Chuckit!® Breathe Right balls, the unique design of this fetch stick helps to improve airflow when carried in a dog’s mouth. The open design helps dogs to breathe easier during play, even when the toy is in their mouth.


  • Unique design improves airflow during playtime
  • Designed to allow dogs to run farther and longer
  • Durable construction


  • Small: 17,8cm x 3,6cm x 3,6cm
  • Large: 30,5cm X 4,3cm X 4,3cm

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