Bravecto Chew Dog

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BRAVECTO® Chew provides 12 WEEKS of protection against tick, flea and mite infestations in dogs over 8 weeks of age.

Available in:

  • Toy (2–4.5kg)
  • Small (4.5–10kg)
  • Medium (10–20kg)
  • Large (20–40kg)
  • X Large (40–56kg)


BRAVECTO® kills adult, and juvenile ticks (larvae and nymphs). BRAVECTO® can be used as part of a treatment strategy for flea allergy dermatitis (FAD). For the treatment of Demodicosis caused by Demodex spp. and Sarcoptic mange mites and ear mites.

The flea insecticidal efficacy of BRAVECTO® (fluralaner) significantly reduces the likelihood of Dipylidium caninum (tapeworm) transmission from fleas to susceptible dogs throughout the 84 days following a single treatment, by controlling fleas on dogs and lowering the flea burden in the dog’s immediate environment.

BRAVECTO® may be used in pregnant and lactating bitches as well as dogs that are MDR-1 gene-deficient.

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