Pet Head Quick Fix 2in1 Shampoo


Pet Head Quick Fix 2in1 Shampoo is a time-saving solution for your dog’s grooming needs. This shampoo and conditioner effectively cleanses and hydrates, leaving your pup soft, shiny, and smelling great in only half the time. Its lush peach fragrance brings a sweetness and powdery note to your pup’s coat.

Size: 300ml


Features and Benefits:

  • With natural oils & extracts: Pet Head’s quick fix, shampoo & conditioner contains 3 amazing oils – Argan, Coconut and Jojoba oil, that all work to provide softness while nourishing your pooch’s skin and coat.
  • High quality ingredients: all Pet Head products are pH balanced, contain aloe vera & vegetable protein and are packed with natural and wholesome ingredients. All of their fragrances are exclusive to Pet Head and were designed and formulated with rare & upmarket ingredients leaving your pooch smelling amazingly fresh & fruity.
  • Safe – for you and your dog: All Pet Head products are free from all nasties – no parabens surfactants or dyes. Gluten & nut free for safety. Pet Head is transparent, all of their  ingredients are fully listed in their packaging. Pet Head is proudly vegan and is and will always be, cruelty free.


Wash your pooch with Pet Head’s 2in1 shampoo and conditioner, massage for 5 minutes, rinse well and blow dry for amazing results.

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