Dermoscent Atop 7 Spot-on

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ATOP 7® spot-on is the 1st spot-on exclusively containing ingredients of natural origin to promote cutaneous barrier repair and help soothe irritated skin.

Made from naturally soothing ingredients, ATOP 7® spot-on is specifically formulated for irritated or allergy-prone skin.


  • ATOP 7® spot-on for dogs and cats 0 – 10 kg (4 pipettes of 0,6 ml)
  • ATOP 7® spot-on for dogs 10 – 20 kg (4 pipettes of 1,2 ml)
  • ATOP 7® spot-on for dogs 20 – 40 kg (4 pipettes of 2,4 ml)
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Is it suitable for my pet?

  • Irritated skin, prone to itching: ATOP 7® spot-on is a practical answer to help soothe and reinforce the skin in addition to drug treatments
  • Between episodes: a regular and continuous use helps promote skin barrier repair for a better natural defence of the skin

Directions for use:

Use 1 pipette per week as long as necessary.

No massage is required. A high-performance bio-diffusing agent allows a homogeneous distribution of the product all over the body of the animal from a single point of application.

It is recommended not to bathe the animal during the 2 days before and the 2 days following the application in order to keep the sebum naturally present on the surface of the animal’s skin from being prematurely cleaned off before the complete diffusion of the ingredients.

No known interaction if combined use with any other ATOP 7 products.

For animals with long or abundant hair, brush the point of application 24 hours later to remove any product residue on the coat.

Disclaimer: Although great care has been taken in the compilation of this product information, readers are requested to refer to the package insert/product packaging for complete details before using the specific product.

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Dogs And Cats (0-10KG), Dogs (10-20KG), Dogs (20-40KG)

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