GCS Joint Care Pure Powder Dog


GCS Joint Care Pure is the perfect solution for dogs with hypoallergenic needs! This joint powder is specially formulated to help support healthy joint function, without causing any allergic reactions. It contains pharmaceutical-grade Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulphate for supporting joint health.

With their easy-to-use powder formula, you can simply sprinkle it over your pet’s food and watch as their joint health improves over time. Whether you have a senior dog or an adult dog, GCS Joint Powder can help support their joint health and mobility, ensuring that they can stay active and playful for years to come.

Size: 250g


Directions for use:

Pour powder over Food. Initial dose can be halved after 3 weeks, for long term use. 1 level scoop contains 3,3 grams of powder


  • Small to medium dogs less than 20kg will get 1 scoop daily for initial 3 weeks and then 1/2 a scoop daily
  • Large dogs 20-50 kg will get 2 scoops daily for initial 3 weeks and then 1 scoop daily
  • Giant breeds greater than 50 kg will get 3 scoops daily for initial 3 weeks and then 1 1/2 scoops daily

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