Nature’s Miracle Advanced Cat Scratching Deterrent Spray


Sometimes your cat needs a little help in the training department. Scratching is an instinctual cat behaviour. Nature’s Miracle® Cat Scratch Deterrent Spray is specifically formulated to discourage destructive scratching throughout the home on household surfaces. Repellent scents deter cats from returning to the treated area. Apply Nature’s Miracle Advanced Platinum Scratch Deterrent to areas you want to keep cats from scratching.

For best results, apply 3 sprays per sq.ft. Re-apply daily or as needed until undesirable habit is broken, praise cat when positive behaviour is exhibited.


To further discourage destructive scratching, keep your cat’s nails trimmed and provide a scratching post as an alternative scratching location.


Benefits and Features:

  • CAT SCRATCHING DETERRENT: Specifically formulated to discourage destructive scratching throughout the home.
  • SAFE FOR USE ON FURNITURE, FABRIC AND MORE: Designed for indoor use, safe for use on furniture, fabric and more when used and stored as directed.
  • FORMULATED WITH ESSENTIAL OILS: Repellent scent formulated with essential oils.
  • SAFE FOR PETS AND HOME: Safe for pets and home when used as directed.
  • TRUSTED BRAND: From the maker of Nature’s Miracle® products, the pet stain and odour removing brand you trust… because it works!


  1. Thoroughly clean the area with a Nature’s Miracle® stain & odour product.
  2. Shake well before using. DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY TO ANIMALS.
  3. If spraying on fabrics, test for colourfastness before use by applying to a hidden area; wipe with a cloth. If colour is removed from the test area, do not use on those surfaces.*
  4. Apply Nature’s Miracle Brand Advanced Platinum No More Spraying to areas you want to keep cats from revisiting and spraying the same spot twice. For best results, apply three sprays per square foot. Reapply daily or as needed until undesirable habit is broken. Praise cat when positive behavior is exhibited.

*NOTE: If color of desired area to be treated is affected by spray, treat a piece of cloth, wait for it to dry and place the dried cloth on object you wish to prevent your cat from spraying on.


About Nature’s Miracle:

  • Nature’s Miracle products contain different cleaning surfactants between the core range (white), urine (yellow) and advanced (red range). The variation of cleaning surfactants helps us achieve better efficacy for target messes and our products are formulated this way to help provide a distinction between the products.

  • While Nature’s Miracle products do not advertise this on the pack, each of our products core, urine and advance have a unique bio-enzymatic system specifically designed for cats and dogs. In other words, we have a total of 6 different and unique bio-enzymatic spore blends that are designed for different target messes.

  • Nature’s Miracle comes with a 100% guarantee, further giving peace of mind as to the effective performance of the product and a trusted recommendation.

  • Nature’s Miracle formulas do not contain denatured alcohol which means that they are also free of methyl alcohol, known to be toxic, and usually found in popular pet cleaning products in the market. Nature’s Miracle products do not contain any primary alcohols.


Precautionary Statements:

Harmful if swallowed. If swallowed, seek immediate medical attention. In case of eye contact, immediately flush eyes with water for 15 minutes. Contact a physician. Prolonged skin contact may cause skin irritation.


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