Select your silkworms from the following sizes:

Small:       1-2 week old

Medium:  3 weeks old

Large:       4 weeks old

They come in packages consisting of: 20, 50 and 100 worms.


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We are the first online feeder store in South Africa to provide a year round supply of Silkworms. We also provide our very own formulated silkworm chow which can be used to feed your worms throughout winter.

When the Mulberry trees have dropped their leaves, we have no choice but to feed silkworm chow to the worms. Silkworms will develop at the same pace when eating chow or leaves. However, it is important to keep them warm at all times.

We provide silkworms in various sizes:

Small:              1-2 week old

Medium:          3 weeks old

Large:              4 weeks old

They come in packages consisting of: 20, 50 and 100 worms and will generally cocoon within six weeks of hatching.


All our silkworms will be shipped off eating leaves (Unless mulberry leaves are unavailable). Please provide a note on your order if you would like to get silkworms that are feeding on chow.

Please note, that silkworms will always eat leaves, however, it is much more difficult to get them to start eating leaves once they start eating the chow. This is because mulberry leaves will always be their first choice.

Nutritional information:

According to many, the silkworm is naturally one of the most nutritious insects you can get to feed your pet. In comparison to other feeder insects, the silkworm has a low fat content with the added benefits of a high calcium, protein, vitamin and mineral content.

In South Africa, one of the most commonly used feeder insect is crickets. Where one fully grown silkworm is approximately the mass of eight fully grown crickets. As a result, by feeding your pets silkworms you can get much more nutrition from a single feeding.

Benefits of feeding silkworms:

Silkworms are not noisy or smelly, nor do they jump or run like other insects. Therefore, making them the preferred feeder insect.

If you choose to feed them the silkworm chow, you do not need to worry about finding fresh mulberry leaves every couple of days to feed them.

An additional advantage for the silkworm is their soft exo-skeleton which allows for optimal absorption of nutrition.


There are many reasons to feed your pets Silkworms, but above all, silkworms can act as a nutrition bullet for your pet.

Please follow the link to find out more about our chow:

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